SSL certificates for .by and .ru domains

Certificate Authorities (CA) DigiCert and Sectigo, which provide SSL certificates of Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and Comodo, have suspended issuing SSL certificates for Russian and Belarusian domains (.RU, .SU, .РФ and .BY).

For entities outside Russia and not on the list of international sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation and Belarus, we offer SSL certificates issued by the Japanese CA GlobalSign.


GlobalSign certificates are recognised by 99.9% of web browsers and most mobile devices. They offer a standard encryption level of up to 256 bits.

For .RU, .BY and other blocked domains, you can order the following certificates:

  • DV certificate: GlobalSign DomainSSL
  • DV wildcard certificate: GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard
  • OV certificate: GlobalSign OrganizationSSL
  • OV wildcard certificate: GlobalSign OrganizationSSL Wildcard
  • EV certificate: GlobalSign ExtendedSSL
  • OV SAN certificate: GlobalSign OrganizationSSL SAN (up to 6 domains)
  • EV SAN certificate: GlobalSign ExtendedSSL SAN (up to 5 domains)
  • CodeSigning certificate: GlobalSign Code Signing OV

To order any of the above SSL certificates, please contact our Customer Service Team – contact