Updated price list for domain registrations and renewals

Increased prices for domain registration and maintenance services from our main providers, rising energy costs and inflation, as well as additional tax burdens and the ever-strengthening position of the dollar and the euro, have necessitated a review of the prices of some of the domain extensions we offer. We have tried to ensure that the increases affect the minimum number of domain extensions we offer and are as low as possible.

The updated price list can be found at this address:

In connection with the price increase of domains in *.pl extensions announced by the Polish registry NASK for the first time in history, on 5.10.2022 an adjustment of renewal prices for .pl domains in our service will be introduced.

The current .pl domain renewal price is 12 EUR net /year, the price after the correction is 14 EUR net /year. The .pl domain registration price will remain unchanged.

We encourage you to renew your .pl domains before the adjustment to take advantage of the lower prices. The .pl domains can be renewed even for 10 years in advance (120 EUR net according to the current price list). To renew your domain for more than 1 year, please contact us:

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