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Intername is a global domain provider. We currently proudly offer 1008 domain extensions in 282 countries and categories.
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Domain selected for you: Norway

Norwegian domains .NO

Buy .no domain for 28,50 £ for 1 year.Required local company and contact in Norway. We offer an Agent (local presence) solution. We offer the Local Agent service in Norway at a price of 94,50 £ /year.

Local Agent service - we unlock the TLDs!

We provide a Local Agent service (sometimes also referred to as a local presence, local proxy or trustee service) in various countries around the world where local presence is required to register a domain. This is an agreement whereby you authorise us to be the local contact for your domain so that you meet the requirements of your chosen name registry in accordance with the regulations.

Through our network of local branches (or through trusted agents and lawyers) we overcome local barriers and make restricted domains available to our clients. In the vast majority of cases, this service, when required, is activated automatically and at no additional cost - in other cases, choosing to use it is optional and the price of the service is already known at the stage of selecting the domain to be registered.

Why choose Intername as your international domain registrar?

Intername has been in the international domain industry for 16 years. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from all over the world entrusting us with the registration and maintenance of their domains from virtually every corner of the globe. We are valued for our outstanding Local Agent service, which unlocks name registrations in previously inaccessible countries such as Norway, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Ireland (or other European Union states), etc.

For each domain registered with us, we provide at no extra charge a user-friendly Domain Management Panel, reliable DNS servers, a DNS zone manager and a redirect server. For selected domain extensions, you can enable DNSSEC, transfer lock or whois privacy, and set up monitoring of changes in the Whois database. You will be protected from the expiration of your domains by our effective reminders and optional automatic renewals.

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