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Transfer your domains to intername – save on future renewals!

To transfer your domain name to intername please fill up the form below.

If you are already registered – sign in.

Each domain name please enter in new line. If you have received AuthInfo codes or EPP codes already, add them after comma after each domain.

Each incoming transfer request is handled separatedly by our domain name specialists.

Most commonly your transfer will be free of charge or the fee will cover next domain renewal.

Useful information and what to expect

Make sure that the domain is prepared for transfer

  • There is no WHOIS data protection service enabled, and in particular your e-mail address is not masked
  • The domain was registered at least 60 days ago
  • The domain has not been transferred to another provider for the last 60 days
  • The domain is unlocked for transfer and has no On Hold status (inactive / held / expiring / etc.).

Preparing the domain for transfer

  • Disable WHOIS data protection and hiding / masking / replacing of holders e-mail address. If such or similar service is enabled we will not be able to verify the owner of the rights to the domain
  • Make sure you have access to the email address given as the administrative contact of the domain
  • Disable any services that protect the domain, such as Transfer Lock
  • Get the AuthInfo code from your current supplier. Sometimes it is also called EPP code. Sometimes there is no code, and there is another transfer procedure instead. Ask your current provider or us about it

Sending a domain transfer order

When we receive a transfer order, we will probably first contact you to confirm the procedure. Once you have started the transfer procedure, check your mail regularly – in a few moments or even days you may receive an email requesting a transfer confirmation. Accept it by clicking on the verification link.
The whole process usually takes less than 1 day, but it can also take a week. In case of complicated extensions of some countries the transfer can take up to several weeks. Make sure that the domain does not expire and you have enough time.
Once the procedure is completed we will notify you by email.
The data of the domain owner and DNS servers during the transfer remain unchanged (unless we decide otherwise together).

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