Payment regulations

This Regulation’s document describes the rules for accepting and processing payments on the intername – world domains.

Domain payments

Payments for services ordered on the site must be made on the dates indicated in the list of services to be paid to the User’s account. Submitting payments after this date may result in the lack of processing of the ordered service. The deadline for payment means the moment when the payment will allocated in the User’s deposit – it is confirmed each time by e-mail.

The User can make a deposit to his account in advance (add funds). In this case, the amount deposited will be automatically used to pay for the services ordered by the User, until it is exhausted. The overpayment to the User’s account may be returned to the bank account within 5 business days of submitting the relevant order, for a fee of 5 PLN /or/ 1 EUR /or/ 2 USD net. All costs of transfer in this case must be covered by the User.

Service reservation

Domains can not be reserved. Therefore, despite the submission of an order to register domains, they may not be registered for the User if another registrar registers domains while we were waiting for the payment or while we were processing his order.

Payment arrears

The Owner reserves the right to block the possibility of transferring the User’s domains to another owner or to another registrar, their sale, or turn the functioning of websites located under given User domains off, if the User’s arrears due to fees for services performed on the website exceed 1 PLN /or/ 1 EUR /or/ 1 USD gross.


Invoices for purchases of domains and other services made on the site are issued by the Owner in a monthly cycle in electronic form. These invoices include a summary of services purchased on the site in a given month.

Payment processing

Specified forms of payment may be processed by external entities that transfer funds deposited by Users to the account of the Owner in accordance with separate agreements.

Online payments

Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out via the Dotpay on-line payment gateway.
credit cards


The Owner reserves the right to introduce commissions covering the costs of handling certain methods of payment or withdrawal of funds. The commission for the payment /or/ withdrawal of funds via online payment gateway is 3% of the amount.