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Website intername – world domain, (hereinafter referred to as Service) is owned by BPtech.pl – usługi informatyczne Boryszek Paweł based in Goleniow (zachodniopomorskie), registration number 320502975 (hereinafter referred to as the Owner). This document regulates the general rules of using our services and website and is subject to the Polish law.

Regulations of services

The following regulations of each service provided on our website are an integral part of this document. By accepting our Terms & Conditions, the User also accepts the content of each of the following.

Data collected on the website

All data displayed and collected on the site, excluding personal data, are the property of the Owner. The Owner makes every effort to ensure that these data, including personal data, do not come into the possession of third parties.


User complaints will be considered by the Owner within 14 business days from the date of complaint reception.

Changes of the regulations

The Owner reserves his rights to change these Terms & conditions, and Regulations, or their parts, at any time. User will be informed about the changes when logging in to the website or performing any activity that require acceptance of the new or updated regulations. Lack of acceptance of changes in the regulations, results in the termination of the contract.

Other matters

In matters not regulated by these Terms & conditions and Regulations, general Polish law shall apply.

Terms & conditions have been effective since May 2, 2008; amended January 1, 2019.

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