Regulations of hosting services

§ 1.


  1. Activation – launch of the Web Hosting Service;
  2. WWW hosting – separating for User from the server hosted by intername the appropriate server surface of the size and parameters specified in the Specification on which User can keep and host his data;
  3. Administration Panel – an application through which the User can manage the settings of the Service;
  4. Subscription Period – duration of the Web Hosting Service;
  5. Test period – time during which the User can try out the Web Hosting properties free of charge;
  6. Renewal – prolongation of the Web Hosting for another period of validity.

§ 2.


  1. The Website Hosting Service is provided on the basis of these Regulations, the Agreement and the general Terms & conditions of the intername
  2. These Regulations define the rules for providing Web Hosting Service by intername to the User.
  3. The data collected on the server as part of Web Hosting shares equally all parameters of the server on which they are located.

§ 3.


  1. The contract is concluded for a definite period, not shorter than 12 months or indefinite.
  2. The contract concerns the provision of the Web Hosting Service with the parameters specified in detail in the Specification, in particular such as the server space allocated to the User, processor power, the amount of data that can be sent during the month, security parameters.
  3. WWW Hosting Service is activated within 2 business days of ordering the Service for the Test Period.
  4. The subscription period of the Service is calculated from the date of Service Activation on the day the User concludes an Agreement for the provision of the Service after the Test Period.

§ 4.


  1.     The User may try the properties of the Web Hosting for a 7-day Test Period calculated from the date of the Order.
  2. The condition for using the Test Period is submitting the Service Order with an annotation that the Customer would like to test the Service.
  3. During the Test Period, intername will issue a pro forma invoice for the amount corresponding to the cost of the Service in the Subscription Period chosen by the User. If the User within 3 days of the end of the Test Period pays pro forma invoice to the intername, the time of providing the Service will be extended until the end of the Subscription Period set by the Parties.
  4. The fact that the User fails to pay pro forma invoices during the Test Period causes that the Web Hosting Service is blocked after 5 days from the end of the Test Period. If the User does not pay pro forma Invoice within 40 days from the end of the Test Period, intername will completely delete the User’s data collected as part of the Web Hosting during the Test Period.

§ 5.


  1. The User declares that all data provided to the intername in connection with the Website Hosting Service is true.
  2. The User has the full right to dispose of the server space allocated to him and manage it via the Administrative Account.
  3. In no case may the User use the server surface allocated to him in the Web Hosting to:
    – violation of law, social and moral norms, principles of social coexistence,
    – illegal entry into intername computer systems and other servers located on the Internet,
    – preventing the use or disruption of the use of system or hardware resources of intername for other Users,
    – sending Spam,
    – providing unlawful content,
    – maintaining websites or disseminating information about pornographic content and containing illegal software,
    – store and share content that is generally considered offensive,
    – violating the privacy of other Internet users,
    – streaming of movies, files and game servers.
  4. The User, as part of using the Service, may not use the following scripts / applications: Publiker, SEO Adder, esCat, DonLinkage.
  5. intername undertakes to properly perform the Service and to execute instructions related to Web Hosting submitted by the User via the Customer Panel, electronic mail or in writing.
  6. In the event that the intername obtains a suspicion about the unlawful nature of data collected by the User on the server area allocated to him or the activity carried out by the User with the help of the server, intername may temporarily refrain from providing the Web Hosting Service without bearing any responsibility towards the User in this respect time of the User’s submission of explanations and documents regarding the fact that the User’s data or activities are not unlawful.
  7. Subject to the provisions of the General Regulations for the provision of intername services, intername has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement through the fault of the User in the event of a breach by the User of the provisions of paragraph 5 of this document and to demand compensation from the User for damages arising in connection with the violation that he / she has committed.

§ 6.


  1. The service is settled in annual periods.
  2. In the event that the intername will not receive the Fee within the time limit resulting from the Pro forma Invoice, intername has the right to block Web Hosting.
  3. intername is not liable for any User’s delay in payment resulting from the time needed to book transactions on the bank account.
  4. 30 days before the end of the Subscription Period, intername will issue a pro forma Invoice to the User with a 30-day payment period. Paying pro forma Invoices in due time results in the Renewal of the Service.
  5. Another Subscription Period existing as a result of the Renewal is calculated from the day of expiry of the previous Subscription Period.
  6. In the case of non-payment of pro forma Invoice within 7 days from the date of payment, the Service is blocked. The service can be paid within 40 days of blocking it, which will result in its Renewal. In the event of non-payment of the Service within the time limit, all data collected as part of the Web Hosting will be deleted, and if the User does not use other Services provided by intername – his personal data will also be deleted.

§ 7.


  1. In matters not regulated in these Regulations, the provisions of the generally applicable Polish law and the Terms & conditions for the provision of intername services shall apply
  2. The regulations have been in force since May 2, 2008.

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