Australian domains directly under .AU

Starting from 24 March 2022, the Australian domain registry will make domain names directly in the .au suffix available for registration

You will be able to register domains such as:


Until now it has only been possible to have domains in the third level, i.e., etc.

Holders of already registered Australian third level domains have the right to buy the equivalent of their second level domains – directly under .au – during the protection period.

We strongly suggest applying for the .au version of your already registered domains. Both because a shorter name seems better in the long run, and in order to protect yourself from shorter name being taken over by your competitors. The protection period will last 6 months.

Domains that have not yet registered their longer counterparts will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, provided that you meet all the requirements of the Australian registry.

In both cases, the obligation to have a company in Australia or an Australian trademark remains.
For those outside of Australia, we offer a local agent service.

If you already own an Australian domain, contact us to register its shorter equivalent – directly in .au

And if you want to register a new .au domain – check if it is available and order it through our website or contact form.

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