The company

The intername brand is owned by the – uslugi informatyczne based in Goleniow, Poland. We have been operating continuously since 2008.

For our Customers, we register Internet domain names from all over the World – regardless of the local registry’s requirements or country restrictions, we are able to offer you a fully legal and secure service domain registration and further upkeep in almost any country.
Our partners network (local agents) cover practically all countries that require local presence, including local company or administrative contacts to register local domains.
In countries where a registered trademark is required in order to aquire domain name (like for instance Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand), we assist with the registration of local trademarks enabling the registration of selected domain names.

We have been officially accredited in several European and other domain name registries.

Our specialty are Scandinavian domains (domains in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark) and countries of the former communist bloc (including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus). We offer some of the lowest prices in Europe, and the quality of service does not differ from the global giants of the Internet domain industry.

Complementary we also offer so-called New Domains (new gTLDs), hosting services and SSL certificates.

If the domain can be registered, register it with us!

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Our Customers

Thousands of domestic and international companies have trusted us. Our business Partners are both small and large recognisable brands – it is impossible to list them all, also because some of them decided to remain anonymous. Among those who have agreed to be presented here, it would be: