Regulations of domain registration and renewals

These regulations describe the rules of registration of Internet domains in the intername – world domains.

Domain registration

By submitting an order to register, purchase, transfer, renew or intercept a domain or service, Users of the site agree to register and maintain their domains through one of the following companies:

  • Web Solutions A/S
  • 101domain Inc.
  • Michau Enterprises LTD
  • EuroDNS SA
  • FranceDNS
  • Regtons Gransy s.r.o.
  • Namecheap PHC
  • Only Domains LTD
  • Gandi US Inc.
  • ASCIO Technologies Inc.
  • KeySystems GmBH
  • InternetX GmBH
  • WebSupport s.r.o.
  • IntaServe Group Pty LTD
  • First Dropcatchers LLC
  • Second Dropcatchers LLC
  • Third Dropcatchers LLC
  • Fourth Dropcatchers LLC
  • Fifth Dropcatchers LLC
  • Sixth Dropcatchers LLC
  • Seventh Dropacatchers LLC
  • Eighth Dropcatchers LLC
  • Ninth Dropcatchers LLC
  • and other items not listed above that support the selected domain extension

Placing an order is possible only if you have a positive deposit balance.

By submitting an order to register, purchase, transfer, renew or intercept a domain or service, you accept the regulations of the registry servicing the domain; in particular for .pl domains, it means acceptance of the NASK regulations and registration and maintenance of internet domains located at:

Legal status of domains

The website Owner does not give any guarantees as to the legal status of any domain available for registration or purchase on the site. The User purchasing the domain bears sole responsibility for any trademark violations arising from the use of the domain.

The website Owner is not responsible for the content placed by the User under the registered website addresses. In the case of domain suspension due to non-compliance with the regulations of registries serving the domain, the costs incurred by the User are not refunded.

Local agent service

Domains for which the registry servicing their registration require providing data containing an address within a country or region related to the registration of these domains will be registered with the data of a local representative meeting the conditions specified by the registry.

This entry does not limit the ability of domain management by the User of the domain who has ordered it. Regardless of the entry made, the User is responsible for all actions taken by him as part of maintaining and managing the domain.

It is forbidden to register domains with the local agent service for resale intentions.

Using the local agent service does not imply establishing cooperation between the Owner and the User, in particular the establishment of a company or any other legal entity.

If the domain of the User registered with the use of a local agent is subject to a domain or legal dispute, the Owner reserves the right to immediately suspend the service and disable the domain.

The website Owner provides the local agent’s service in good faith, but can not guarantee unpredictable interruptions or even suspension of the service. In the event that the website Owner receives instructions from a corresponding registry, court or similar institution requesting the suspension of the service or the exclusion of the domain, he will be required to suspend or exclude the service or the domain.

The website Owner is not responsible for the suspension of the service and the exclusion of the domain, and the funds spent by the User shall not be returned.

Detailed rules for the use of the Local Agent service

Automatic renewals

Some registries automatically renew your domain before the end of its expiration date. In the event that the User does not inform the website Owner about the resignation from domain renewal at least 30 days prior the expiration date and the domain will be automatically renewed by the registry, the website Owner may charge the User’s deposit with the renewal amount. The same applies to the local agent service.

Domain redemption period

Depending on the domain extension selected, the corresponding registries have different Domain Redemption Periods (the period in which the domain has expired, but can still be restored by reactivation). Domain Redemption Period for the selected extension has been provided on the extension information page. Most often, however, it is 30 days during which the current User has the right of preemption of the expiring domain. The cost of reactivation of an expiring domain is usually higher than the standard domain renewal price and has been provided in the Price List.


Registering and maintaining domains for phishing purposes is strictly prohibited. Support for domains that are used for phishing, password theft and similar purposes may be suspended without reimbursement.

Domain availability

Our company strives to keep the data displayed on the site up to date. In particular, data on the availability of the selected domain. To indicate whether the selected domain is available or not, we use a number of advanced techniques that often use third-party applications. Therefore, we can not guarantee their failure-free operation. The availability of the domain, as well as the up-to-date information displayed, should always be confirmed with the Customer Service Office, also after placing and paying for the order. We cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of registering a selected domain for any reason, including a domain already ordered and in the process of registration (i.e. a paid domain).

If a paid domain cannot be registered, the funds are returned to the User’s deposit.

System errors, abuse, data correctness

Orders placed as a result of a technical error of the system, intentional or unintentional abuse of the User, and in particular orders of 0 PLN / EUR / USD / GBP / RON or domains unavailable (already registered by third parties or blocked by corresponding registries) will not be processed.

The data in the WHOIS database provided by the User should be true and up to date. Providing false information to the registry WHOIS database may result in the immediate removal of the domain by the registry, without refund of the funds paid.


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