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Domains in Middle East

The Middle East is a region with a complex and diverse economy, including countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Cyprus and Israel. The economies of the Middle East are often based on natural resources, particularly oil and gas, which are a key component of their national budgets and exports.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world's largest oil producers and this resource is the backbone of its economy. The UAE is known as a financial and commercial centre, with a strong focus on sectors such as tourism and infrastructure. Iran has natural resources, including oil and gas, but is also an important producer of minerals and agricultural resources. Israel, in turn, is a leader in technology, innovation and start-ups, which contributes to its dynamic economic sector.

There is also a developed service sector in the Middle East, especially in finance, trade, tourism and telecommunications. Nevertheless, the region faces challenges from political instability, armed conflicts and volatility in global oil prices.

The economies of the Middle East are diverse, ranging from natural resource-based to developed service and technology sectors. Despite the political challenges, the region remains a key player on the international stage, with a significant impact on the global economy.

At Intername, we excel at registering a wide variety of domains across the Middle East. With our strong relationships with local domain registries, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we ensure smooth and fast domain name registration anywhere in the Middle East region. Entrust us with your seamless domain registration in the Middle East and conquer its markets with us.

Browse through nearly 10 countries in the Middle East and discover 10 national domain name extensions matching the region of your choice, sorted by country. Easily find the right domain extension and abbreviated registration requirements for any Middle Eastern country in the full list below.

Middle East


No restrictions


Documents required. Local Agent offered free of charge
No restrictions


No restrictions, however economic sanctions apply
Domain name must correspond to the company name
No restrictions


Local company or Agent service required and optional trademark in any office


No restrictions


No restrictions

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