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Domain .GUIDE

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24,50 £
24,50 £
24,50 £

Brief regulations

Domain .guide (New gTLDs).

All presented fees for .guide domains are Net value, tax excluded, and apply to 1 year upkeep

VAT tax in local rate will be applied to the subjects based in the European Union which are not registered as an active VAT EU entities and to all subjects from Poland

Information regarding registration of .GUIDE domains

How to register .GUIDE domain

In order to register travelling .guide domain name, enter your chosen domain, together with it's .guide extension in a search box above and check if it's available by clicking Search. You may also contact our Support directly and let us know the domain name you are interested in for manual check.

Frequently Asked Questions
for .GUIDE domains

faq domain .guide
Are there any registration restrictions when ordering .guide domain?

No. In general there are no additional requirements in order to register .guide domains

Can I register any domain name with .guide ending?

Yes. Any names are allowed within .guide zone (including generic and dictionary words), however registry in new extensions may have a list of forbidden domains and registration of such names would not be possible

Is there any way to check who is the owner of already registered .guide domain?

You could try to check whois server response in new registry WHOIS database for chosen .guide domain

Our free .guide whois tool is available here:
Whois .GUIDE

Are there any other alternatives for the .guide TLD?

Yes. In category Travel and Leisure there are other available internet names:

The information regarding domains .guide presented on this page and .guide TLD prices are not an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. Displayed data and .guide domain logo are for information purposes only.

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In case of any questions or issues with .guide domain registration in new extensions please contact us!

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Available payment methods

We accept the following payment methods for .guide domains:

  • wire bank transfer

    alior  EUR (SWIFT: ALBPPLPW)
    IBAN: PL50249010570000990279301211

    alior  USD (SWIFT: ALBPPLPW)
    IBAN: PL06249010570000990179301211

    alior  GBP (SWIFT: ALBPPLPW)
    IBAN: PL41249010570000990479301211

    alior  RON (SWIFT: ALBPPLPW)
    IBAN: PL49249010570000991379301211

    IBAN: PL65114020040000350252430196

  • credit cards, online payments, PayPal

    online payments