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All presented fees for Symantec certificates are Net value, tax excluded , and apply to 1 year upkeep

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Information on Symantec Code Signing certificates from Symantec

To ensure the highest level of online code security and consumer confidence, do not look for another code signing certificate from the world's No. 1 Symantec brand. Symantec code signing certificates act as a form of digital shrink wrap for any code or content you wish to distribute online. These certificates help ensure that your code is safe from being modified, rehosted, and impersonated by malicious third parties. Because Symantec Code Signing certificates immediately inform users that your code has been verified by a world leader, they will associate your company with trust - the most important element of any business. This is your chance to match your company to the most recognizable name in network security

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Detailed information

SSL certificates differ in terms of validation methods, type of verification, warranty level, number of secured domains and subdomains and add-ons offered. Depending on your needs, compare the available options and choose a certificate that will meet your expectations

Validation type

OV - organisation validation
Symantec Code Signing certificate is issued on the basis of company identity verification. It ensures the credibility of the company and the authenticity of the website

Full verification

In the case of this certificate, the company`s registration documents and their authenticity, including telephone number and address data, will be checked

Amount of secured domains

N\A Up to 250 domains, subdomains and SANs can be secured with single certificate. Unfortunately not with selected Symantec Code Signing certificate...

SAN support

noA Multi-Domain certificate, or SAN, allows you to secure multiple domains on a single server with SSL encryption, which means you can associate multiple IP addresses (e.g. Exchange) with a single SSL certificate

Server licensing

N/A Some SSL certificates can be installed on multiple physical servers at no extra charge. Not with Symantec Code Signing...


99%+ and mobile devices Symantec brand certificates are recognized by all popular web browsers, on every operating system. This also applies to mobile devices and smartphones

Symantec Code Signing kompatybilne przeglądarki


125000 $ The warranty is an insurance against breaking the SSL certification encryption. It determines the amount of compensation paid by Symantec

Issuance time

7 days The time of certificate issuance depends on the type of validation. It can vary from a few minutes to even 7 days. Symantec Code Signing certificates are usually issued within 7 days

Subdomains coverage

N\A Some SSL certificates allow you to secure more domains and subdomains. This is not one of them :-)

Green address bar

no If you want maximum prestige and security, choose an EV certificate which will display a green address bar in your browser with your company name on it

Encryption and key length

128/256 bit, 2048 bit The encryption power and length of the key affect the security of the certificate. Currently, the standard is encryption up to 256 bits at 2048 bit key length


N/A Symantec Code Signing certificates do not provide a seal for a website

Premium features

One of the best advantages of purchasing an SSL certificate from Symantec, are the additional security features and solutions that are associated with it. Symantec is the most trusted brand in network security and makes purchasing an SSL certificate extremely beneficial in this respect

Malware and vulnerability scanners would cost hundreds of EUR, but are offered free of charge when purchasing some Symantec SSL certificates

Vulnerability scan

no The Vulnerability Assessment service helps you quickly identify security threats and offers a solution to fix them. The vulnerability assessment includes weekly automated scans of websites, web applications, server software and network ports

ECC encryption

N/A Symantec certificates with EV use an asymmetric ECC algorithm, the most powerful encryption algorithm in existence. ECC offers the same level of cryptographic strength with much smaller key sizes - offering greater security with less computing requirements. The standard key size with ECC gives 64,000 times stronger encryption than RSA, ensuring full authentication

Malware scan

no Symantec Code Signing certificate does not add the ability to scan the site for free. Select another Symantec certificate to get free access to the scanner

Seal in search engines

N/A Symantec Seal-in-Search allows you to display the known Norton Secured Seal symbol next to a web page in search results. Users using Norton's security solutions will know that your website is safe before they click on it
symantec seal in search

The information regarding Symantec Code Signing certificates and SSL prices are not an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. Displayed data and Symantec® logo are for information purposes only.

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