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Whois in Germany

whois .de.com

Whois .de.com

country name:Germany
ISO code:.DE
public whois server:

WHOIS information for domains within .DE.COM zone

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How to use our WHOIS for .de.com tool?

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Enter the domain name to be checked along with the .de.com extension in the form above, then resolve the reCaptcha query and click the Whois button. After a moment, data from the .de.com domain registry will be displayed (if the name registry in Germany provides it)

What can I find out from the WHOIS database (Germany)?

Date of registration, modification and expiry of the domain

Thanks to our WHOIS .de.com tool you can check when German domains were registered, modified or when their expiration date is

Domain registrant data, administrative and technical contacts

Depending on the privacy policy of the respective name registry, you may be able to obtain contact details for the entities responsible for the .de.com domain searched in the WHOIS or check who "owns" it

The current registrar of the chosen domain and its DNS servers

Check where the .de.com domain was registered and what nameservers it currently has set up

Who is responsible for the information displayed?

All data displayed is taken from the publicly available WHOIS database for .de.com. The responsible entity is the name registry maintaining the domains in Germany. A domain registrant may change the displayed data by contacting his/her .de.com registrar (domain provider in Germany)

Our WHOIS tool for domains .de.com allows checking who is the owner of previously registered .de.com domain.

We are doing our best to ensure our tool displays the correct and up-to-date WHOIS data for .de.com TLD, however it also depends on third party response and sometimes it may be inaccurate. Presented information and domain .de.com logo are for information purposes only.

If you need to verify displayed data for selected .de.com domain in Germany please contact us!

Available German domains

Domain registration in Germany:

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German domains .de .de 4,00 £
German domains .berlin .berlin 36,50 £
German domains .bayern .bayern 34,00 £
German domains .ruhr .ruhr 28,50 £
German domains .cologne .cologne 15,00 £
German domains .koeln .koeln 15,00 £
German domains .co.de .co.de 15,00 £
German domains .com.de .com.de 22,50 £

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