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37,00 €

All presented fees for Thawte certificates are Net value, tax excluded, and apply to 1 year upkeep

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Information on SSL 123 certificates from Thawte

Thawte SSL123 is the basic Thawte certificate that confirms that your domain is registered and that you have authorized the purchase of the certificate. With SSL encryption, the certificate ensures the privacy of information between your server and your customers' browsers

To order a SSL 123 certificate select the period for which you want to activate it and click Order or contact us.

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Detailed information

SSL certificates differ in terms of validation methods, type of verification, warranty level, number of secured domains and subdomains and add-ons offered. Depending on your needs, compare the available options and choose a certificate that will meet your expectations

Validation type

DV - domain validation
The Applicant is verified automatically, just click on the e-mail sent to your mailbox in the selected domain, add a DNS entry or place the verification file on the server

Full verification

To verify and issue this certificate it is sufficient to fill in the application form electronically. No additional documents need to be sent

Amount of secured domains

Single SSL 123 certificate secures one domain. The encryption will cover versions with and without WWW, e.g. your-domain.com and www.your-domain.com

SAN support

noA Multi-Domain certificate, or SAN, allows you to secure multiple domains on a single server with SSL encryption, which means you can associate multiple IP addresses (e.g. Exchange) with a single SSL certificate

Server licensing

Unlimited SSL 123 certificate can be installed on an unlimited number of servers at no additional cost. Just copy your Thawte certificate files to each server according to your needs


99%+ and mobile devices Thawte brand certificates are recognized by all popular web browsers, on every operating system. This also applies to mobile devices and smartphones

SSL 123 compatible browsers


500000 $ The warranty is an insurance against breaking the SSL certification encryption. It determines the amount of compensation paid by Thawte

Issuance time

Immediate The time of certificate issuance depends on the type of validation. It can vary from a few minutes to even 7 days. SSL 123 certificates are usually issued within couple of minutes

Subdomains coverage

no This certificate will only secure the main domain with and without www. To secure more domains and subdomains with one certificate choose Multi-Domain/SAN or Wildcard certificate

Green address bar

no If you want maximum prestige and security, choose an EV certificate which will display a green address bar in your browser with your company name on it

Encryption and key length

128/256 bit, 2048 bit The encryption power and length of the key affect the security of the certificate. Currently, the standard is encryption up to 256 bits at 2048 bit key length


Static Thawte seal

The information regarding SSL 123 certificates and SSL prices are not an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. Displayed data and Thawte® logo are for information purposes only.

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Available payment methods

We accept the following payment methods for Thawte certificates:

  • wire bank transfer

    alior  EUR
    50 2490 1057 0000 9902 7930 1211

    alior  USD
    06 2490 1057 0000 9901 7930 1211

    mbank  PLN
    65 1140 2004 0000 3502 5243 0196

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