Best deal: Cheap .LV domains

Have you ever been wondering where to register the .LV domain at the lowest cost?

On the occasion of gaining our official accreditation of the Latvian Domain Name Registry, we are reducing the price of registration of .LV domains to 49 PLN / 11 EUR / 13 USD net for the first year.

official .lv domain registrar

Just check the availability of the .LV domain in our search engine and add it to the registration if it is available. The reduced price will apply immediately, for the first payment period. The renewal cost of the .LV domain is typically 99 PLN / 22 EUR / 27 USD net for each subsequent year. The transfer of the .LV domain is free of charge and does not affect the domain expiration date. The change of DNS servers for .LV domains registered after 1 January 2020 is free of charge.

.LV domains registration regulations

.LV domains can be registered by both individuals and companies from outside Latvia. The registration of the .LV domain must be approved by the Latvian Registry each time and takes about 2-3 working days.

The Latvian domain being searched for must not infringe registered trademarks or constitute a company name registered in the territory of Latvia. If a reserved name is selected for registration, it will be required to present documents certifying the rights to register the given domain name.

Alternative domains in Latvia

If your chosen .LV domain is already taken, you can check the availability of the .COM.LV domain

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