Brexit and domains registered in European Union by British companies

Many among you, as subjects registered in Great Britain, own domains within .EU, .FR, .IT zones, or are planning to register domain names with EU countries’ ccTLD.

Have you wondered what would happen with your .EU names, or other European country code domains, when Great Britain finally leaves the European Union?

.EU domain name registry (EURID) and some other EU country registries, such as registries in France or Italy, in terms of successful domain registration require that the applicant has his presence within the European Union, and impose an obligation of providing physical address as an administrative contact located in EU country.

Because of incoming so called Brexit, which is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, scheduled for the end of March this year, all GB/GI based subjects will most likely loose their rights and possibility to register new and renew already registered .EU domains, together with some other ccTLDs of more restrictive EU countries.

If you wish to maintain the possibility to register new European domains or existing ones renewals as GB/GI based applicant, you should update your domains owner and/or admin contact details to the subject based within European Union – in example such as our company located in Poland.

If needed, you could use our Local Agent service for European Union free of charge, to register new domains or keep the existing ones, that would be restricted for you after hard Brexit. Our regular Local Agent terms and conditions apply.

In such case, please use our domain transfer form located here:

or contact our Support team before the 31st of October 2019:

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the above article is based on the pieces of information that were published by EURID and were known at the time of its writing.