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Website update – refreshed layout and system improvements

We are pleased to present the launch of the latest version of our website. After many months of work, we are giving you an updated version of the website, which we hope will provide you with an even better experience (…)

New Website Language (German) and a New Redirection Server

At Intername, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our valued customers around the world. In line with our commitment, we are excited to announce the launch of our German-language website, tailored specifically for German-speaking audiences. This (…)

Ukraine – all domains in one place

The Ukrainian market is very promising, especially now that the European Union is opening its doors to workers from across the eastern border. Outdoor advertisements specifically aimed at Ukrainians are increasingly appearing throughout Europe. If you want to set up (…)

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Safer Internet Day – Switch on 2FA!

On the occasion of the international Safer Internet Day (SID), we remind you – if you haven’t already done so – enable two-factor authentication on your account! Do you want your Intername account to be secure? We have some tips (…)

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Australian domains directly under .AU

Starting from 24 March 2022, the Australian domain registry will make domain names directly in the .au suffix available for registration You will be able to register domains such as: Until now it has only been possible to (…)

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New DNS – infrastructure development

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new, even more secure and reliable DNS service for our customers. Our DNS servers have been enriched with new hosts and locations, i.e. in server rooms in the Netherlands, Germany (…)

.SPA domain name released

Registration for .SPA domains will begin today, 1 October 2021. The domain has passed the restricted Sunrise and Landrush phases, and will be made available to all interested parties on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify for .SPA domain registration, (…)

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.AR domains now available!

Since 15 September 2020 it has now been made possible to register domain names directly under .AR Registration of .AR domain names works on a first come, first served basis – you just need to search your desired name and (…)

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Validity of 2-year SSL certificates after 1 September

As of September 1, 2020, Safari (Apple), the second most popular web browser, will crop maximum TLS certificate lifetime to just 1 year, 398 days exactly. Currently, the maximum validity date of SSL certificates is 2 years (actually 825 days). (…)

.CY first-level domains now available

The Cypriot Domain Registry has recently announced that domain name registrations under the first level .CY domain extension are now open and available for everyone. In order to register a .CY domain name with Intername, the Applicant must provide the (…)

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